The Knights of Columbus Club of Oak Harbor offers the rental use of their Hall, Kitchen, and other facilities to the general public.

Standard rates are for all members and the general public for private parties or gatherings. Please refer to the rates and rental rules published in this website. Applications are also available for viewing and printing.

Business Rates are for the business use of the Hall facilities to generate profit (money makers) and other non-profit organization's use of the Hall facilities to raise funds (fund raisers).

Special Rates are for other non-profit organizations use of the Hall facilities on a recurring schedule. Special Rates are on a case-by-case basis and subject to Club Board approval.

John E. O'Brien Council 3361 has priority over all rental requests; however, once a rental deposit is received by the Rental Manager or his representative, that rental contract takes presidence.

Members that actively support in the administration, maintenance, and operation of the Club may receive discounts to the standard rental rate at the discretion of the Club Board.

Please contact one of our Rental Managers for more information or to submit a rental application:  Paul Brewer (360-929-0864) /Doug Warren (619-895-6849).

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Knights Club of Oak Harbor
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